We provide a number of services within our Hospital. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, any of our staff would be more than happy to speak with you. Let's all work together in keeping our special pets as happy and healthy as possible!

Wellness Exams

     Wellness Exams and routine bloodwork are so helpfull in finding a problem your pet may have in a early stage. Early detection can possibly lengthen the life of your dog or cat .


Spay & Neuter

     Every pet that is not used for breeding should be spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering can help prevent the chance of some cancers. Also, spaying and neutering can help with behavioral problems. Call us and we can discuss when is the best time to have it done for your pet.

     Vaccinations are such a simple and quick way to keep your dog or cat healthy. It's so much healthier and less expense to vaccinate than to treat a preventable disease.  Vaccinations can save your pet's life.

     Every pet owner that has had a cat or dog in for surgey knows how nerve racking it can be to drop off their baby and leave. We understand this so well! We take all of our services very seriously especially surgery time. Anytime your pet is in here for surgery we welcome calls to see how he or she is doing..


Injuries and Illnesses

     When your pet has been injured or is suffering from an illness, our doctors and staff will do everything possible to make your pet comfortable and well again. We will do everything we can to save each and every pet.



     If your pet is staying with us because of surgery, injury or illness we always welcome visits from you and your family members. Your pet's morale can be an important role in getting better. 



Surgery Procedures

     As well as spays and neuters, we offer a number of surgery procedures, including orthopedics. If you think your pet may need surgery our doctors would be more than happy to visit with you on what may need to be done to help your pet.


     We offer microchipping it's very simple, doesn't take very long and can be done in the exam room. Great way to find your best friend if they would happen to get lost and end up at a shelter or a veterinary office. 

Dental Care

     Dental care is another way of keeping you pet healthy. Sometimes this area is  often overlooked. A simple thing as scheduling a teeth cleaning once a year can lead your pet to a healthier life.   


     We offer in office x-ray service. If your pet has been hit by a car, or has simply  jumped off the bed wrong we can see how serious the injury is right away.

     We are here for you even when there isn't a problem. We offer a nice, clean, safe place for your pet to stay. When you're away you never need to worry about the care your pet gets here. 

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